Physiological changes accompanying pregnancy in ewes View Site

Pregnancy is accompanied by a number of changes that occur to the animal as a whole or to limited organs. Females usually gain weight during pregnancy, as pregnancy weight increases. It was noted that some other parts of the body also suffer from an increase in their growth and weight. The alimentary canal (as found in small mammals) suffers from overgrowth. It rises as pregnancy progresses. In addition to a slowdown in the movements of this channel during pregnancy. Such changes can be attributed to a change in hormonal balances during pregnancy. One of the most obvious changes is what occurs in the female reproductive system. Swelling and vascular increase are the most common reactions during pregnancy, and this can be observed in cows more than in mares, and these changes occur within the fifth month of pregnancy. And the seventh month of pregnancy in calves and cows, respectively. As for the changes that occur on the uterus, it is gradually increasing its size in order to allow the fetus to expand, and the muscular wall in particular grows during pregnancy and its growth is in three ways: either by increasing the size of the single cell. Increasing the number of cells as a result of their division, or the generation of new cells by the generating layer in the uterine wall. As for the movement of the uterus, it remains dormant and immobile to prevent premature ejaculation of the fetus.
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