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Oftentimes, we wonder about the ingredients for the development and sustainability of fish farming in the short and long term. In order to answer this question, we must address the specialized technical aspects that accompanied the promotion of fish farming activity in three main points: 1. Fish farming does not compete with other cultures Especially with regard to natural resources such as the water on which fish farms depend mainly for their production and to carry out all operations of their circulation and access to the local consumer. 2. Not to compete with fish farming in the land, which is a major and important resource, as it is not permitted to establish fish farms except on lands that are not suitable for agriculture. Rather, it is considered one of the intermediate activities to prepare the land for plant cultivation after washing the soil from its salts after using it in fish farming for several seasons. 3. Fish farming does not compete with animal production activities (red and white meat) in terms of fodder, as fish have long been considered aquatic organisms that obtain their food from their environment. When attempts began to feed them in the hope of obtaining better production, the fodder was provided as a supplementary source. And after what was mentioned for the three points to answer our question, as we clearly noted that the lack of competition with other agricultural activities regarding natural resources or fodder was what was based on promoting this activity, as the comparative economic advantages of the activity were not yet clear.

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