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Chicken meat is one of the easiest to digest and most palatable; This is because it contains a high amount of protein, and is characterized by a low percentage of fat. The meat of birds was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, where God Almighty says, “And the meat of birds that they desire.” Believe in God Almighty. And the recent increase in demand for broiler products has led to the development of that industry and in an accelerating way, many techniques are used through its care and breeding, starting from the establishment of automated controlled sheds and ending with high-tech slaughterhouses that produce the product (chicken meat) in different forms after A period of care that lasted between (35-40) days, interspersed with a number of periodic operations in the field of poultry care, whether through health care, food and control methods to create an environment that suits the physiological nature of this bird to increase its production and provide a high quality product to the consumer. In the recent period, some companies specialized in the production of broiler chickens offer birds for consumption at young ages, at the age of (30) days, due to their freshness. A lot of sleazy, especially (fresh chicken). As for the scale of commercial production in large projects, you will find production with different weights from (700-1400-1500) g (net weight of slaughtered chicken) is common in many countries of the world. There is no doubt that this production and that developed industry needs qualified human cadres to manage it to achieve maximum degrees of profit. Here, we offer you, my honorable farmer, some of these rules, which we hope will guide you to get the best results, as this modest brochure contains a brief overview of some of the correct methods for the management of broiler farms, in addition to some diseases and their prevention as a guide to you about any sudden change in your flock. . We hope by presenting this brochure that we have achieved the benefit of the honorable farmer and the novice farmer brothers, and we are always at their service by presenting the experiences we have gained in the poultry industry.

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