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There is no doubt that animal production with its various components still suffers from a number of obstacles and obstacles that hinder it from jumping towards the records reached by animal husbandry in advanced countries in the field of animal agriculture. Among these dilemmas is the low genetic components of our local animals in Jordan, for example. It has become a matter of truism that we know all the reasons behind the deterioration of the production level of agricultural animals and the failure of the production process to the productive market requirements of milk, meat and skins, so that the import operations of these productive commodities increased year after year. And we must address these causes of different origin, depth and difficulty in solving them, in order to reduce the difference between our production of these food commodities and reduce our import of them. The dependence of investment on breeding types of livestock that are unable to maintain the ecological balance and adapt to the harsh environmental conditions to prevail over self-interest. Lands with rainfall rates less than 100 mm are estimated at about 69% of the total area of ​​the Arab world, of which 85% are North African countries and 27% are in the Maldives, while lands with rainfall rates ranging between (100-400) mm are estimated at about 16% of the area. Total, ranging between 47% in Somalia and 11% in North Africa.

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