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Consecutive births are meant to be consecutive births separated by periods of less than a year. It is known that the length of pregnancy is five months. Therefore, in theory, it is possible to obtain successive births separated by a period of at least six months. Those ewes that have a long reproductive season, but this condition is not uncommon and the ewes vary in the degree of their response to this system differently within the same herd, even if hormonal regulation of reproduction is used with it for the simple reason that the uterus in the ewes needs an average of two months to restore its normal state After childbirth and ready to receive a new pregnancy, therefore, it can be said that the period between two consecutive births can be seven months, as shown by several studies in the United Kingdom. In a country like France, those in charge of focused production programs in sheep organized an easy-to-apply system to obtain a birth every eight months (3 births/two years), in which this period is divided into three production stages: 1. One month to prepare for the vaccination process, which includes any hormonal treatments. 2. Five months of pregnancy. 3. Two months to breastfeed and wean lambs.

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