Headphones for Pregnant Belly

When you are an expecting mom to be, its normal for you to want to talk to your child, share your favorite music and have some bonding with them. Talking to your baby while they’re still in the womb helps you to build a lasting bond and may help your baby learn. This can be achieved using headphones for pregnant belly. Dad has to make a bit more effort to be heard, but if he talks to the baby bump through pregnancy speaker it may help your baby to recognize his voice too.

The fetal development time line says that during the 9th week of pregnancy indention’s appear where baby’s ears will grow and around 18th week baby starts to hear sounds. Baby’s are more sensitive to the sound around 24th week and finally starts responding to the voices when they are 25-27 weeks old. Your baby will only hear low-pitched sounds to start with and can also feel the vibrations of your voice when you speak directly to baby bump or through pregnancy speaker because an unborn baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid and your body layer and their amniotic sac. We know that sounds travel best through open space so even when the baby’s ears are fully developed, the sounds baby can hear in uterus are muffled.

Using headphones for pregnant belly, researchers believe that babies can hear outside sounds while in the womb. Studies shows that by seven or eight months in uterus, a baby’s heart rate will slow down whenever mom is speaking, indicating that this can be quite calming for the baby. It becomes a soothing bond between baby and mother. Your voice does great things for your baby in the womb. Studies show that your unborn baby learns to recognize and remember your voice during your pregnancy.

Playing music or sharing your voice with your baby using headphones for pregnant belly while they are still in the womb gives you time to bond with them before they are born. Music helps fetal brain development in the womb.

Pixie tune is high fidelity baby bump headphones for pregnant belly speaker system are similar to ear buds for belly. You can talk to your baby, share voice, play womb music and certain sounds using a standard digital audio play back device. The active speaker system has built in volume control and amplitude limiter to safely play back sounds to your baby.

Pixie Tunes is compatible with all cell phones and mp3 players. You can even talk with your baby in the womb by plugging headphones for pregnant belly into your cell phone and use any voice recording APP to play back your own sound. Pixie Tune makes it possible for you and your baby to listen to the same sounds. Not only can a baby hear the sounds of his mom’s body by the time they’re born, babies can actually recognize their mother’s voice.

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