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Would you like your “Home Sweet Home” comforts while being on vacation in a foreign land, and at no cost?  Yes, it’s possible with home exchange. While vacation home exchange has excited travelers’ interest across the globe, some still have trepidation about swapping their house with other families on vacation. To overcome this, we suggest you read the tips below for a successful house swap experience. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Sign Up on a Vacation Home Exchange Site

If you don’t have time to search for home swaps through your network or your attempts have been unfruitful, don’t give up.  There are many home exchange sites, such as The VacationExchange Network; you can join as a member. You should choose a website with no signup fee, and only charges once the exchange deal is arranged. After enrolling, create a well-written description of your home. Provide clear information about your neighborhood & town. You can list the destinations your prospective swapper may be interested in.

Start Searching

Now, the fun part begins finding potential matches.  Zero in on a couple of house exchange options that meet your dates and destinations. Take a peek into the homes of other members of the site. If you come across a good match, send a well-crafted message to check if they are also interested in your offering.

Types of Exchanges

There are two broad options for home swapping. The first one is a direct exchange, where you directly swap your house with another even if the dates of exchange are not simultaneous. The other type is an indirect holiday exchange, where you stay at other members’ property even if they don’t stay at yours.  They then receive a credit to use someone else’s property. You can choose either of these methods, based on your needs & expectations.

Have Realistic Expectations

If you reside in a popular vacation destination such as California, you’ll likely find it easier to arrange an exchange than someone who hails from Iowa.  But you never know. There may be someone out there who needs to attend a wedding or wishes to explore a new slice of the world, so be optimistic, where ever your property is.  The key is to be realistic.

Highlight the Benefits of Your Home, While Being Genuine

It would be best if you communicate the perks of your home. Do you have a private patio, pool, or Oceanside property? Is your home within walking distance to popular sightseeing spots, restaurants, or shops? While you want to project the positive picture of your home & location, it is advisable not to exaggerate.

Lastly, join The Vacation Exchange Network today to explore the biggest selection of vacation homes in your favorite destinations. We are committed to delivering the best home exchange experience in line with your requirements and expectations.

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