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RangeXTD is an effective device that can boost your WiFi signals efficiently giving you the top notch internet using experience by efficiently boosting your internet speed.

It will not only boost the internet speed but it will also make sure that these reach the weak spots of your house, office or college etc. There are many weak spots where the internet speed becomes insanely low. With RangeXTD such problems can be easily solved in a blink.

Features Of RangeXTD

Enhanced Internet Speed, Better WiFi Strength - With RangeXTD you’ll be able to connect and use your internet with more than one device, it can easily deliver high speed with multiple users. You don’t have to worry about low internet speed anymore. You will also see that your WiFi signal strength has increased.

Instant Download/Upload Speed – Once your internet speed is increased and boosted you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited downloading and uploading as well as surfing. You’ll be able to unlock the real potential of your WiFi.

Easy To Operate And Effortless Installation – Once you receive your RangeXTD, you just need to plug this device into an electric power point or source. You don’t need any cords or USB cables for that. Once you plug it in and switch the device on, you’ll be able to get the maximum internet speed connection. Installation process is simple and fast. No hassle, no stress.

Provides Value For Money – By investing your money in a WiFi amplifier like RangeXTD you will automatically save a lot of money. The moment you purchase and start using this device you will notice that you don’t have to purchase an expensive internet plan anymore. You will get the desired results with your current internet connection service or plan.

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