Escort Rental Engine Powered Gensets

Escort  Rental Engine Powered Gensets


Escort generator is the best choice for power backups in any emergency case and at any needy places where it requires. Escort Rental engine powered generator is to provide electricity for a short period of time as well as for industrial and commercial use.

We should know more about the prices and maintenance of the generator which will be situated at home and other places where you need power backups.


Escort manufacture the best generator who works on a diesel engine, gas, and also petrol. Fuel efficiency should be good in generator manufacturing because it causes less noise and also generates less fume in the air.

We have some best product specifications which provide all information regarding the best and durable generator for long time use.


Features of Escort Rental  powered generator 

Escort generator is different from other generators in the working process as well as in manufacturing product with all best features which should require in power backups gensets. Escort fulfills all requirements of users for their power supply in any situation at any job location in planned or unplanned situations.

  • High performance.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • High durability.
  • High efficiency.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Low smoke emission.
  • Low run overhauls.
  • High reliability with low maintenance.
  • Low operation cost.

Hence the above features of the generator should be there in any generator, Escort Genset has all key points for the generation of electricity. So Escort generator on rent is the best option for our daily routine power need.

Service of Escort Generator

Excellent Service Support:


  • Peach of thoughts with a 24x7single  window carrier.
  • Widest network of Genset service dealers.
  • Well trained & prepared technicians at all supplier locations.
  • Multi-tier availability of spare parts & efficient supply chain management.
  • Advance verbal exchange centers to supply spark off response.
  • Call monitoring gadget and strong escalation manner to dispose of pending calls.
  • Option of AMC / CAMC.


Product Specifications

Some special product specification is mention here for future use which is very useful in our daily routine life for power backup in a needy situation. All are here:



5kVA,7kVA, 10kVA, 15Kva, 20KVA, etc

Fuel type

Diesel, gasoline, kerosene, Natural gas

Output type

AC single-phase, three-phase



Rated voltage



Class A, Class B, Class E



Automation grade

Automatic, Manual, semi-automatic


Above mentioned specification of the product in a table is fixed by Escort manufacturing brand.


G-30 Escorts diesel generator

The world-renowned, heavy-duty, rugged Escorts Engines are being manufactured

greater than 50 years and are proven within the market.


Engine Power Definition


Prime Power score is to be had for an infinite range of annual working hours in

variable load programs, in accordance with ISO 8528-1. The Standby Power rating is relevant for presenting emergency power in variable load programs according to ISO 8528-1.

  • All rankings are Prime Power rankings.
  • Designed for 100% continuous operation and longer provider intervals.
  • Class A1 Governing with 4 % regulation that gives strong operation in fluctuating load conditions.
  • State –of –art Advanced Direct Injection era for unmatched power &

         Diesel Economy up to 30% lower gasoline consumption.

  • Plateau – Honed moist liners for Low lube oil consumption.
  • Efficient cooling mechanism and no frequent top-ups.
  • 1 million+ engines are going for walks in the field with a fine report in different packages like

      Tractors, Gen Sets & Construction Equipment.


Reason to choose Escort powered engine generator 

As we all know the reason behind the popularity of the Escort rental generator that is the Escort brand is famous in the market for its product quality which is not common.

It has some key points which explain everything about Escort rental services. How it is useful for commercial, industrial as well for factories and the health sector.

Do you want to buy Escort Rental generators for your home, organization, or industrial establishment? you can locate an in-depth list of portable Gensets as well as standby generators for business and residential use. You can touch the sellers to find the model and make that suits your necessities best. They provide generator service facilities for your locality. You can at once touch the centers for information about repairs, servicing, and AMC.

Hence we should take care of the generator’s choice for future use when you go to market for buying the generators on rent for some events and for power backups in any situation.

For a short period of time and for the emergency situation we should know about Escort Genset factory or shops for near about services.

Basically all generators are dependent on the good engine, power advantages, and fuel efficiency. Escort also popular for their services up to date no pending work, its installation charges also affordable. The best feature of Escort Genset is low-cost power backup


Therefore at the end of the discussion Escort Rental powered engine Genset plays a vital role in our daily routine life for getting electricity in power outage situations. 

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