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Utah has a history of flooding since the record floods that hit in 1983. The recent floods have turned the city’s streets into a river rising from the record streamflows. Inorder to protect your home from water damage it is crucial to call upon a professional Restoration Salt Lake City UT. House flooding can be caused due pipe burst or drainage overflow too. Get your home back in control with a reputed service provider. Whenever there is a minor flooding there is a temptation to get into cost saving mode by attending to the restoration task all by yourself, but here are some reasons why you should not do so. Read on…


1.      A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, which means it is heavy. When it is contained inside a building invaded by contaminants, it becomes heavier. A room filled with dirty water has to be cleaned immediately. Manually removing water using a bucket can lead to back injury and health issues. Just to save a few bucks do not attempt this task.

2.      Contaminants in stagnant water are dangerous. Never get exposed to biological contamination. Only a professional Water Damage Restoration Salt Lake City UT can get you out of it safely.

3.      Removing moisture completely from the property is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of the site. Moisture can hide under crevices, cavities and cracks above the ceiling and walls. Those without proper training and equipment like infra red camera and moisture meters will not be able to find out the presence of moisture.

4.      Moisture leads to mold infestation and bacterial growth. The moisture has to be dried out within 24 hours to control mold growth. It can damage the health of the inhabitants in the building.

5.      Water damaged materials have to be evaluated for insurance claims. The Water Damage Restoration Salt Lake City UT professionals can tell you which to keep and discard.


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