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AgileWaters Consulting provides one of the best training facilities when it comes to becoming Agile with your work process in the Software Industry.
AgileWaters is a team of experienced trainers who have more than 20+years of experience on the working and development of Scrum, Kanban, Agile and SAFe framework across various domains in the Software & IT industry. Ever since the evolution of all these work processes and frameworks came in the market, our trainers started working on the principle to deliver world-class values to their respective organisations.
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Now, as with a turn of the time 90% sectors of Software & IT industry have turned to Agile and all the above-mentioned frameworks, our trainers have turned coach to build you for the need of time. The trainers at Agile Waters take an approach to both basic and advanced level of a particular framework. Thus the theoretical approach needed to clear the certification exam and afterwards the practical approach for the post-work implementation process, both are covered.
As our trainers focus more on Real-world case studies, the training period and course study allow you to elaborate, analyse and assess more appropriately of the path you should forge for soaring growth.

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